13 September 2010
Timecheck: 11:59 PM

Th day I met up with TeoFatPoot (like after 27392872 years) to have a pleasant meal ...... Which was pretty uncomfortable cuz we were sitting at counter seats . Which we then after moved to th comfy soft cushions ! (Y)
FISH-EYE RIGHT HA HA HA . Funny die . Th epic laughing shots cannot show , we totally cannot maintain . It's that kinda photo you look alrd you will start laughing cuz we were laughing till SIAO .
& we went for Weishi's BBQ @ her place .. Poor Kat waited for us like krazy . Late queen + late EMPRESS DOWAGER . Bwg right ~.~ Anyw catching up with them wuz good !! Kinda feels like th good ol' days . But I know .. Things can nv be th same as secondary school . I miz that life (some aspects , some only) but at least some things nv change right ! ;)