12 October 2010
Timecheck: 11:59 PM

Hi !!! I took an impromptu off today to join my colleagues for dinner @ Ku De Ta . Th atmosphere is awesome , service is impeccable , but th price is also $__$ you can't imagine how much our bill was , with only 4 of us !! Th bez items are obviously th lobster tempura !!!! & my 2nd favourite - tuna belly !!!! Now I know why th market price for tuna belly is so expensive outside , cuz it's fucken awesome ! Even better than salmon belly :O becuz it's said that ....... Tuna so big but belly so small . Plus high grade one of cuz sieh $$ !
I actually wanted to blog this post like a week back ? But my com refused to lemme upload pictures so here I am posting it now ......... With more overdue pictures to blog again when I'm free . School's starting ... SO NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO IT PLEASE :-(Skypark's uniform . Chio right , but like a tad revealing . GRAs : halter bareback w high slit long skirt while GSAs : low v-neck plus short skirts hmm . But rly pretty uniform say real one !!!"Hi my name is kitkat !!! Imma female kitten . Both my front paws are badly injured , I was sent to th hospital for surgery and now my other paw has recovered but is still weak . Th cast on my paw will be removed soon but that paw has been totally crushed so even w/o th cash I will still be limping" DAMN SAD LOR :( but she's uber cute , loves human touch ttm , super hyperactive & very nice to sayang ..Watching her play with th string is SUPER funny . Regret nv video it down ! I swear she can go join those funniest animal videos . Lmao . She even played with my halter neck dress strings !!! Heheheee .Play till tired alrd . Hahahah . She will lick you , sniff your nose & mouth . Super friendly bth not like Ahlingz th dao kitty :/This picture kitkat mad cute !!!! See th ^-^ smile on her face I tickle her till she pose until so gaowei with this expression . Stopped tickling her & she maintain so I decided th pictures w/o my finger tickling is nicer . CLASSIC . Aww won't ur heart melt ? Hope she removes her cast soon ! But still she's gna limp . Whoever th fuck did this to poor kitkat I hope u fucking get karma & get ur arms crushed . Jerks w/o feelings , totally .