02 October 2010
Timecheck: 11:59 PM

Using my computer only to upload th tonnes of pictures I've accumulated over a month ? It's madness now all my pictures are in a mess & I HAVE to tidy them up cuz I bth it all messed up ! Faint , shall blog bout my outing to Yuki Yaki with mum/beef !! Finally met up w her ^^
See mum wear till so chio then I headache duno what to wear end up wearing so casual machiam go schl . Wait , I go schl don't even wear like that . MORE CHAPALANG . Fashion fail hahaha .
Mum fail . Burnt chicken wings .
See th aftermath of her cooking :x
Chaota BEEF & FISH . Hahahahahaa . Rly hor duno why we cook 1 time got black black alrd .
Me cooking qing chao dou miao for her !! PASSED . It's good !
Hers overdose of pepper & salt ! Supa salty !!!! Hahahah . Went there expecting her to cook for me , MUM mah right . End up I cook . It was gr8 to ketchup with her !!!! X fingers that we can be in same class pretty pretty plz cuz we both selected e-biz for our elective :-(
Her bday prezzie for me . ALL PINK . Awwww she actually noticed my fb saying I like pink so she got it all pinky . Hehehe thanks mum ! Xoxo ! Back to sorting picchaz . See if I can post another one tonight :x twitching th date & time for each posts as usual !!!!! Supa delayed post man went out with her on th 19th of Sept as you can see on th photo date . Faint ..........