18 January 2011
Timecheck: 12:57 AM

Idk why I'm chose to blog over my hunger , over my list of things to do like NOW . Lol . Weird sudden urge to update this dead space . Today's gna be a busy day !!! (alrd midnight) & I'm still not asleep . GG . Gna go to some golf country club as an excursion for Club Mgt & LRFM tgt . Buttttttt , I get to learn to play golf cool or what !! Virgin visit to NEX on Sunday .......... Nothing much ley . Only special thing would be th ..
Doggy playground !!!!!!! (shrieks in delight)And this mini wildwildwet ! Both at th skygarden ...... There's even a dog cafe - where owners & pets can dine tgt ! Smart capitalising ....... Can make likea lotsa $$ ! Clare ! My junior & her cute pup !Quite a sight to see so many doggays with their owners . Got lost in NEX like really ? Nothing new lah , I used to be lost at Dhoby mrt can you believe it ? Too many junctions alrd . I'm 101% road idiot . Hmm ..... I think I shall end here & get back on track . Or maybe snooze . Cuz my gastric is keeeeeling me ! Oyasuminasai .