01 February 2011
Timecheck: 1:33 PM

Today I start questioning myself "Why do I even blog ?" when I have no readers , or to put it in a nicer way for myself , none that I know of . Maybe I just have recent events with nice pictures that I'll like to share , but it's alrd on FB . So what's th point of blogging ??

It's meant to be my personal space but at this point in my life I am too busy , I only switch on my lappie for work . Other than that I'm on my itouch , too tired or lazy to even use my lappie , let alone blog . I must say I've been neglecting this blog of mine , only to squeeze in updates when I feel that I can . Or to multi-task & upload pictures (like now) . However ........ Online on lrfm lab but I've done nothing except to reply "Afternoon" to my lecturer ha ha ha . Sneezing like krazy now , been having th flu on and off these days but today it's mad . Plz go away during CNY :(

I'm still contemplating on what to wear on Wed , I hv no "new clothes" cuz I didn't buy any . Was thinking if I should wear this Cheongsam which was given to me by bby ........ I've NEVER worn any traditional outfits since th day I was born so I'm skeptical on whether I should put it on this Wed . If I don't , it'll probably collect dust in my wardrobe for another year making it bout 2.5 years of dusty oldness . But it's still sleek , soft & white heh .
So this was my last excursion in TP , going to Seletar Country Club to learn golf & some club management stuff but our speaker is a golf pro with zero handicap (if I didn't rmb wrongly) & you can see his stuff on th slides above . Learning golf is costly .......... :$

Very nice view eh . Despite this club being located at a rather oolu place ?
My tutor hahahah . We're gna learn putting !
That's our goal .
Deliberately put mushroom's photo cuz seeeeeee she missed th ball :x evil but funny !!
So random Hafiz & Aziz suddenly asked me to take photo for them lol .
Th pool was so welcoming that day , esp in th hot sun I rly wna dive in straight -_-
Jacuzzi ley !!
Slide *eyes glitter likea kid*
& their indoor bowling alley just for members . Working in a club seems rather cool . Like , you don't hv to worry bout losing your jobs during bad financial times & more . Well , club & spa industry is very appealing to me right now , but still abit undecided . And my next route .......... Any opinions bout UNLV guys ?? I would rly love to go UQ (University of Queensland) with beef & mush ....... But my parents are against overseas . Sigh :( if I had th $$ I'll go . Immediately . Does everything boil down to $$ again ..