26 May 2011
Timecheck: 1:13 AM

So finallyyyyyyy I can upload pictures after switching to th new template ! Had my graduation ceremony today & I've officially graduated from LRM ! 3 years , woah . So here's th post bout my outing w Beef/Mum ! To catch her highly waited show Beastly . Th movie we waited since ... Before th last semester even begun . LOL .___.ll
Freebies after introducing her th BB cream from Etude House ! :0
Fugly jumpshots incoming ............... D:
L.O.L :x
Tapao-ed Gongcha's alishan tea but .... Omg me & my stm - opted for 30% sugar & it ended up tasting like water -____-"Hell yeah -.-"
Just me pigging out after th movie ! Rostiiiiiii ~ Okay but Marche's portion is WAY too much for me , I was overly bloated & uncomfortable after finishing that above ~.~ Medzs @ OC has better portioning plus same price w parma ham ! :D just watched Megamind & Life as we know it , time for bed ! 9h to KO so I'll update again on th buffet lunch @ Carousel ! Baizzzz