24 June 2012
Timecheck: 2:25 AM

Hello hello ! Juz a quick update before I hit th sack .. Random images on th recent happenings (always forgetting th truckloads of images on my lappie which I'm too lazy to edit & post it ....) *shrugs*

Th Rancilio coffee machine my brother bought , his l8est addition to his machinery collection of "wives" ha ha ha :x PS photos not in chronological order of my paragraphs , can't edit this here on th fantastically-convenient Blogger App !!

Had dirty harry (mmm lycheeeee) & vodka sprite :x on dear's bday ! Hehe & Fatty is back from Taiwan w goodies as always ! But he RLY surprised me this round , he said he might not hv enough $$ to buy my request of so many boxes :x but he came back w 6 omg !!! Can last me bout 2 months ....? Lulz . And a portable charger to feed my evil battery eating gadgets ! White & black itouch + portable wifi + my phone . Awesome !

K shall go slap skincare (totally slapyourface :x) & crash ! So so tired so glad my tests are over & done w . Only left projs to chiong & ppt to prep & then it's th last lap before ending th trimester .. W hectic schedule exams FML . God bless me cuz I need more luck than I can get this sem . Rly last warningzzzz :< baiiiii ~!