07 July 2012
Timecheck: 5:36 PM

Hello !!!!!! I'm so happy to say my 2 presentations for this sem is finally over !! I've always dreaded ppt & it's been a long time since I did one ! But I'm rly glad I didn't zhaoxia HAHAHA :x Juz left 1 group proj due this Thurs . This means war for me from now till Monday to complete my part ! Stressed that I can't do it well :<

Am still feeling massively giddy juz like th whole of ytd due to lack of sleep probably :( I have absolutely no recollection how I fell asleep Friday morning , like 4am+ I guess & I woke up to realize I squashed all my gadgets ...... Lol ._. and th giddy spells began ytd till now sighhhh .

Actually this post is about my visit to Itacho Sushi @ Changi Airport T3 ! But lemme digress on some fucked up things in my life like ...

Th forever destroying my efforts to have good skin - FUCKING FLYING BITCHES MOSQUITOES . I rly rly rly cannot express my hatred & resentment & depression whenever they bite me non-stop daily . It goes a long way back to my younger days even . Fml . Cannot sleep properly , bites take many days to swell & by that time th itch would hv caused me a scar . I've tried many ways but it juz doesn't work . Why ?!?! My entire lifetime is fucked cuz of these flying bitches they rly make my life MISERABLE can >:(

Anw , these are th few dishes I tried @ Itacho & my fav would be th nama hotate nigiri w greent salt & th fatty hamachi nigiri in truffle sauce ! L.O.V.E sashimi ttm :B I'm not rich enough to return to this fancy casual Japanese restaurant , so my fav place to nomz sashimi would still be @ SUSHI EXPRESS :D my all-time favvvvvv ! Haven't try ? GOT TO TRY . Th queue is crazy at dinn thou .......

Lastly , PLEASE open an outlet @ Tampines Sushi Express boss !!!!!! So I don't hv to travel so far for my fav food hehehe . Kbai back to proj :<