03 July 2012
Timecheck: 11:12 PM

Hihi !! Having 2 presentations this week & projects due this week + next . Busy busy likea bee ! But still I managed to find time to finally do my .... OMBRÉ HAIR !!!!! What to do I'm cutting my butt-long hair length after my 21st birthday so I'm like destroying my hair indirectly to do th things I always wanted to do but nv did to my precious hair !! 1st time bleaching my hair & thank you Eve for helping me !

Funny right wearing raincoat indoors -_- but I don't hv trashbag so this is my alternative !! Bleached my hair twice using Palty's platinum sparkling blonde bleach but its claims are SO fake obviously !! How can it be "1x application to turn dark/black hair to sparkling blonde" kiss my ass man !! Believing that is as good as I was born yesterday -,-

My hair is already milkt brown so after bleaching twice .. Didn't even get to th platinum blonde I wanted ! SEE ? :< don't believe th claims cuz diy hardly gets th colour u want or see on th box ! Only certain ends & strips are almost blonde (probably cuz of my previous blonde highlights) but as a whole it juz looks v golden brown ? Mehz :/ but th gradient is soso , not v visible , butttttt I'm still happy !! I rly love th almost blonde ends can :x

Will it fade to blonde blonde ? How I wish ? :< I don't use colour shampoo so th fear that it may become yellowish .. Mehz . Fear I'll drop more hair too but so far so good ? 1st day nia :x Enough bout my hair I can go on & on !! Btw it even grew bout 1cm in 3 weeks is that good ? Or pathetic ~,~

Went Hokkaido Fair @ Tampines Mall for th 2nd time to mentaiko !! Tried th cheesecake & Jap coffee on lvl 2 , not bad !! Even provided w a cosy seating area ! :D th Japanese chef was rly funny cuz he tried so hard to make us understand what he was saying . Actually I understood , amongst his Japanese words & actions I get it but seeing th effort juz makes me laugh !

Okay I should sleep early today but My body is a scumbag so I'm staying up till 12.15am to catch my Queen Seon Deok kdrama on cable tv ...... Wish I could force myself to sleep now & wale early to re-tune my haywire night owl bodyclock but quite impossible . So my dark eye circles woes will be w me for life . FML . Adding mozzie plague to my never attaining beautiful skin in this lifetime . Sux2bme eh . Kbai ! (`_´)ゞ