21 July 2012
Timecheck: 11:05 PM

Hihi !!! Massively photo spam update today ! Exams are upcoming & I've recently started planning for my 21st . Very last minute & quite impromptu .. Hmm feeling th stress of it & my exams since I added this 21st planning into my current timeframe . Not forgetting dollars & cents . I'm rly bent on having a resort (not ecp or pr park those kind -.-) or hotel stay . But th private swimming pool on 2nd lvl in a villa is SO OUT of my dream . And budget . Meh .

Anw as usual since picture are not in order *sighs* tried The Cellar Door's banana chocolate cake & eggs pacifico (which burst) sadly ~

Lots of my fav food munching as usual - SASHIMI ~ got 1 of my fav old schl Cup Walker bubblet , ate th hot devil drumlets (flaming chilli & nv burned but burned like mad w spicy lime pfft) & caught Spiderman ! And actually during that walk around till I forgot my movie started -_-

Siti's 21st which my momma surprised me w Rilakkuma keychain fatty :x & th cake & decor Dawn , Mandy & I put up w our awesome design skills & ideas w Insta-deceiving-gram since stuff which looks meh irl looks good on Instagram ! Hahahhah !

Plus that day I put on th complimentary Heroine Make falsies & omg it's th 2nd time in my life doing it and .. IT'S RLY A CHORE ?!?!! I suck at it . I rather use mascara man omgz . I rly duno how some are so pro at doing it (practice makes perfect right) but th thing is how they even tahan .. Practising it -_- yeah u get th drift pfft .

Got my $2 sausage w egg mcmuffin that day :x tried 69's cold beancurd for th 1st time in my life & it's not too bad !! Always see ppl siao keep eating & buying but that amount wasn't bought by me . It was by my crazy bitch heheh :x

And lastly today ! Worked for 28 Black's event . Love my ombré hair even thou it's not platinum blonde enough . Even Mandy couldn't believe it's DIY hee :x now I rly don't feel like cutting at all lah :<

Anw thru this event , it rly showed me th ugly side of ppl thru free samples giveaway omg . Some rly facepalm , some rly wtf & half th time I felt like trolling so many ppl -.- heh kbai ! Gotta go back to my books asap ! ;)

Ps: got my 3rd & 4th Nyan cat theme ! :$