07 September 2012
Timecheck: 6:52 PM

Hello !!!!!! I have not blogged for reaaaaally long time cuz I was so tied up w exams , planning my last minute 21st birthday party (1st party in my entire life + 1st time baking in my entire life , for my own birthday too) . Worked during th last week of my holidays & now schl reopened again baaaaa D: 3 weeks of holidays fly pass THAT fast sadly :{

Stayed over @ le Foob's apartment for a night , likea shiok only use th bathtub hee w rose bath salts :D & woke up to a nice view of MBS , SgFlyer & more . Went Sushi Express 2 days consecutively & boy was th time spent there epic lololol . Gotta love Sushi Express cuz I always get royal treatment there HEEHEE they love me :x kidding ! I would gladly do an advertorial on them if they wanted hahahah :p

My birthday party was not bad , very very very happy that my diy 21st birthday cake was a success , for a 1st time baker I feel so accomplished hee .

Anw my good ol' black oxfords died on me & I recently bought a new one w heel , pinkish-red from Itti & Otto , thou th one I wanted initially was like almond-nude colour hmm .. Shoes frenzy , saw another v nice pair of oxfords :$

And finally got to dine @ Pique Niue ! I have been missing Chef Pang's creations ever since I stopped working @ Canele ! Tried th red velvet , blackout cake , crab chowder & th big breakf . Poached eggs mmm . Crab chowder totally reminds me of th corn & crab chowder @ Canele hahah .

And what's up w everyone & th rave about red velvet ?!??! It's juz white chocolate cake dyed red w cream cheese icing . Th 1st time I ever tried was Coffee Bean's cake & ewww I hated it . Tried it at Pique Nique & it was okay . Can't hate it like Coffee Bean's but it's still SO MEH ? I cannot understand . Rather stick to good ol' gaolat chocolate juz like my diy 21st cake which is dark choco brownie yo ;)

Black roots growing out , that's whatever that's left of my diy blonde ombré hair after cutting my butt-long length hair short on th 2nd day of Hari Raya . Not used to combing my hair cuz it stops short suddenly but I kinda like this length too hee :3

Alrd feeling th stressed from 1st week of schl & bloody hell 1st day of schl blackout lifts not working zero ventilation & lights mega fucking torture for th staff & students . Plus what apology letter is that ?!?! Feels so fabricated , esp when we are there in th scene -____- no comments leh srsly . Kbaiiiiiii !