22 October 2012
Timecheck: 11:13 PM

Been exercising a tad more frequently lately since my test was over . From Sun-Wed , excluding Mon cuz my crazy stomach pain that left me crouching from 7pm-4am :'( sobs . I deperately need to increase my muscle mass becuz I'm so sure that's what boosts my metabolism rate so I can continue eating like a pig & at least maintain my not THAT fat self . As of yet ..

Ofc th machine said my ideal weight needs alot more kg & I needa gain more fats & muscle mass but no thanks to th fats & weight plz -,-

Worked for this event @ ECP on Sun . Shape , Yoga by th sea ! Yoplait girl hahahah . Slept 3h & went to work . Was breathtaking seeing ppl do yoga @ 6.30am in th morning . I would love to join cuz I love yoga & pilates myself but th soft grass that's abit muddy tuns me off . Lol :x was very fun working for th event ! Hope for more to come ;)

So my parents were against me exercising after work since I only had 3h of sleep but guess what I went for kickboxing , exercised for approx 3h & was awake for 24h before I went to bed -,- lol . Siao body .

Tried Suki-Ya for th 1st time finally . Not bad but th variety like not enough for me lol . But th vegetables there are verrrrry nice !! Tempted to try to mochi th next time we go there again cuz it's th same one I saw @ th Kyushu fair from Isetan Scotts !!! Nomzzzz ~

Taro th cutie followed me up th lift again as usual lol . Forever one he :x had my usual fav orgasmic sexxx drugs @ Umisushi . Bellyyyy goodness :x so broke siaaa $__$

Had simple western @ Iwannagetstuffed before gym , as usual . Th aglio olio w th crispy bacon I added is DABOMB ! So crispyyy omg so unexpected . So love ! Th ham & cheese omelette is good too w piping hot fries ;)

Momma bought me this ultra pretty strawberry pocky that is heart shaped , even th biscuit !! W real strawberry bits . Yummy ! And she brought me to Ichiban Boshi hehe . I LOVE TH ABURI SAKETORO MENTAI NIGIRI . I could eat it every.day of my life cuz it's so damn good !!!!!! Abit sad th aburi platter wasn't fated to be ordered cuz I don't eat maguro or tako & hamachi oos . Sigh :(

Update again soon ! I must must must go for zumba class since it's a new class finally brought in & my membership is expiring . Gotta try it :( love jazz & mtv dance . Learn how to dance snsd's sexy paparazzi dance during this 2 weeks , so fun :x kbaiiii !