10 October 2012
Timecheck: 8:57 PM

Hi !! I've been saving so many photos juz to let th 7-11 contest be over first before I blog :x muz leave th entry at th top mah heh . Anw , photos not in order again . Taking some time out to blog before I head back to my revision & proj !!

Worked for 28 Black again that time , made some new friends due to th longer period of work + days & I rly had a great time ! :D enjoyed it ! Hope to be able to work more events jobs in future .. So nice to interact ! X fingers for luck in securing more events jobs ?

Tried th aglio olio @ Pepper Lunch during break & it was not bad ! Decent cuz I can sear my scallops to my perfect doneness but when u finish th pasta it's super hard due to th heat from th hotplate . Owells ~ worth trying thou , esp w student deals ^^

Always spent my break gg round th Isetan Supermarket cuz of th Kyushu Spring Fair . ALL TH JAP FOOD EMERGERDDDDD :x I WAAAAANT to eat it all . Mentaiko sashimi bonito omgomgomg .

Had a rushed dinner @ Coffee Bean before I went for th free INOA hairdye that I won from Cleo ! Literally gobbled my food down & it was nice cuz th eggs was decent ! Not to my standard but at least abit wet . Finally ?!?! Other outlets always epic fail -_-

Anw I was pretty reluctant to dye my hair again , esp since I juz chopped off 10cm of my hair after my 21st :( it was only this much of my ombré bleached ends left . And now .. It's practically not visible anymore sigh .

And to this date , I juz chopped my hair again . In less than 1 month , my hair went from touching my butt to above my boobs . 20cm gone leh , so ximtia . Right now . I'm so upset honestly . It's so short . I hate it :( I love long hair .

And it's partially cuz my straightener hates me . I could nv make pretty curls since August . End up sizzling my hair (makes it more brittle & dry ends) only :( now I kinda regret why did I buy a straightener over a curler . Mehhhh anybody wna trade w me lol :'(

Finally tried Laoban for th 1st time in my life , that's only cuz there is a bew outlet @ Tampines MRT . And th queue isn't that long duh . Not a fan of queueing . It's not bad , melts in ur mouth . But I'm definitely not so siao to queue :x

Had a rare dinner @ Sakae Sushi w my family that day . I loveeeeee their salmon belly sashimi cuz th cut is awesome . So far only th outlet I patronize has amazing cut . Th Pasir Ris gave me miserly cut that time & I didn't wna return again . So not worth my moolahs .

I still hv so many pictures to post !! But I'll wait for tmrw hehe . 1 post a day :x kbaiiiii !