12 October 2012
Timecheck: 1:32 AM

Ohaiiiiiiiii had Japanese food ytd & today ! Thou it's alrd past midnight but yeah u get what I mean ;) Ichiban Sushi @ Changi City Point & what else but dabezzzzz Sushi Express !!!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE th fried salmon skin & aburi saketoro mentai nigiri . Fav items @ Ichiban man . Orgasmic !

Had Sushi Express w foob today after class , been too long since we last met up esp since now our classes are at diff timeslots :( so had a gr8 time catching up & as usual gossips & bitching & h2ht . Mmm .

Anw auntie wasn't working so no royal treatment !! :( but lucky as found another chef to teng us hehe . He did special order for us ! Jumbo aburi saketoro & his style is using cheese sauce ! NOMZ so good had to eat 2 pieces heheh .

Foob copy me :x and we had couple clothing for th day lulz funny max felt abit gay but it was cute plz !! Imagine 2 breast fwenz in shimmy glittery tank top w red checkered shirt layered over . Heh heh . Mine was black & hers is silver .. Likea aluminium foil only :x

My exam timetable is out & I cannot wait for it to be over , Christmas woohoo ! Anyhow I know I have to multi-task better cuz when schl ends I only have like 2 days before my 1st paper WTF RIGHT I KNOW . What happened to th 1 week study week sia ? Eaten away juz like that FML .

Doing leg massage as I type this out right now cuz my stoop lifetime injury is baaaaack to hurt me . Damn u knees :( my life feels cursed by this that & plagued by mozzies tmd ......... Say real one why my life like that :'(

Shoefreak here cannot wear heels or wedges or platforms likea boss for long cuz my knees will cry . Sigh . Unless thou haz a chauffeur :x kbaiiiiiiiiii ! Super updated blog l8ly eh winkz :3