11 October 2012
Timecheck: 12:51 AM

So it's alrd tmrw :p since it's past midnight so here I am again , blogging my overdued pictures . Everytime I talk about overdued pictures .. I REALLY HAVE TOO MANY !!

These are considered recent , th real overdue ones are those since Nov 2011 . Sigh I rly do need like 374929392h to organize my pixels . Headache ! To even sort them out . Getting lazy to even try leh ..... How sia like that . Folders all in a mess . Wish I have a secretary to do that for me :x

Anw , this is gon' be a verrrrrry foody post ! Too much food pictures & they are all jumbled up as usual ! But I shall talk about some highlighted ones ;)

Tried JPOT finally & it was good ! Like rly worth th $$ . I'm not a steamboat person , but th moment I tried JPOT , I changed my mind . I guess cuz steamboat mainly uses yong tau foo ingredients , whereas at JPOT . U get what u pay for ! Fresh live prawns , scallops etc etc . U can see all th ingredients which I took a separate shot of :) Really worth a try ! And multiple visits if u have cash to spare !

Sushi Express , nothing much to say cuz I always post about it , always eat there :x love my fav auntie cuz she tengs me so much royal treatment to heheh . I juz wish they would open an outlet at Tampines !!!!!!! Really :(

Tried Paris Baguette finally & it was kinda meh to me . Th concept was not bad , like th Tiong Bahru Bakery ? Giving seating area allows customers like us to enjoy th pastries fresh ! Really a good biz idea . Th Haha Family cake was cute cuz of th strawberry heh .

Also had th Korean BBQ @ T1 for th 2nd time . More meow , that time was 1 bottle of water/person but now it's 2 person to a bottle :( would prefer if free flow tap water was provided but owell !

Random snippets here & there of my snacks like cherry tomatoes which I've not ate in ages (oh boy complexion deteriorating ??) & blueberries & strawberries & my pinky lappy & 9GAG comic heheh :$ not forgetting th uber yummy tender & freshly grilled hotate (scallops) from th Kyushu Fair @ Isetan Scotts !! Dayumzzzz !! And my fav marshmallow cereal hehe sugar high much :x

Tried Xiao La Jiao @ I12Katong , authentic Sichuan cuisine & omg I was burning throughout th meal . I can't take spicy but I love it -_- juz like tomyum soup omg now I rly miss Soi Thai's clear tomyum :( th colourful dumplings reminded me of th colourful xlb @ Taste Paradise/Taste Dynasty . Can't rmb th name oops !

Had sashimi & lychee beer that day for supper , after th burning dinn @ Xiao La Jiao . My stomach felt funny after th meal . Like rly waaaaaay too much chilli for me to handle . Spicy sour spicy sour . And I cleverly took beer . Lolwtf -_-

And some random bites @ Sakae Sushi & Dong Dae Mun & Four Seasons Durian ! Oh & I had brunch at Ichiban Sushi today . Favvvvvv items there would be th fried salmon skin & th salmon belly mentai nigiri . Dayumz srsly . Was so full after th meal I didn' needa eat th whole of today lol . Rly a food post eh :p

Hope my metabolism continues to maintain so I can continue eating & eating & still maintain my size . I can never be skinny cuz I can NEVER DIET . I tried ONCE & I epic fail :( so yeah I nv bothered to try again ever . I eat as I please & at ALL th insane timings cuz I can stay up till 8am studying at times . Owell .

I would love to be skinny . I want . But I can't . Fml . I always envy girls who are really skinny . W rly hot skinny legs . Can wear hot pants & look so hot ...... My dream leh . But .. That is smth I can never get :( sux2bme . Cannot be skinny but I still hope I can be rich ? Filthy rich will be nice , but I guess rich enough to stoafy my endless food cravings & skincare needs & other random stuff . I guess one can never have too much money ? But th ironic part would be have $$ = don't have time . Life sucks this way :(

How was ur mooncake festival anw ?Not a mooncake person & but I'm starting to enjoy hotel mooncakes that hv special flavours/snowskin/liquor contained . Like champagne w ganache snowskin mooncakes ? Omg sex . U'll hardly see me eating th lotus paste original mooncake or even snowskin . I am picky like that :/

Let my pinky sneakers go after 3x of wearing :( hope th person who found it at th lift landing will appreciate it more than I did . Or somehow my feet juz hurt everytime I wore it . Like I'm wearing my chef safety shoes -_- I'm rly a shoe freak . I can forsee th future when I have $$ I will be wearing platforms everyday :x heh to be even taller nyahahahah \m/

Okay back to my notes for real :x test & presentation upcoming !! Stresssssss ~ ttfn !! If u've read to th end of this length post , thanks ! Do click my ads too heheh . X