15 March 2015
Timecheck: 5:35 AM

OHAI PEOPLE ! My blog is always revived when I have ads to do , so here I am hehee . It's always a shock to me that my last post is usually more than a year ago (12th Feb 2014) :x Anyway as most of you know , I have been sponsored by Rise Hair Salon for a ammonia-free colour ! Goodbye to my messy hair & really ugly roots . Am so grateful for them in selecting me for this treatment despite how irregular I blog .

The hair services available are:
1. Colour/Highlight - using Loreal & Shisedo colours . Special technique used includes Balayage (hand painted highlights)
2. Rebond/Perm (Cold/Digital)Korean style 
3. Magic Setting (Rebond & Perm)combination of both to create a natural looking korean style hair curls
4. Root Perm - To fluff up the volume in the hair . Best for flat hair & it can last 3 months
5. Hair Manicure - Gives the hair another layer of coating to restore and create a permanent shine . Locks the dye & this is what Kpop stars usually do !

***Shampoo , conditioners & treatments used are by John Masters , a highly popular organic solution from the states***

Check out the pretty interior & furnishing. Such a comfortable & relaxingly posh ambience to get your hair fixed !

Not only that , Rise provides you magazines & TWG tea ! The flavours available are : Sliver Moon , Eternal Summer , Jasmine Green , French Earl Grey . The very courteous staff asked me what I would like to have upon me getting comfortable in the salon . Which salon serves you TWG tea !? Flabbergasted yet impressed .

My terrible hair condition ohgawdwhy hahahah . Such an embarrassment to post this online but just so you can see the difference D:

After applying the hairdye , my hair undergoes this machine for the colour to be better absorbed ! It isn't very hot until it makes your scalp feel uncomfortable or anything so no worries !

Tadahhh !!!! WHAT A MASSIVE DIFFERENCE . The entire process didn't even take 2 hours !? Including the styling which the Korean hairstylist did with such patience . Honestly , I have NEVER seen my hair in such shape nor elegance before HAHAH maybe because I am naturally not good at looking after my own hair & like quite chor lor just "Okay-whatever-messy-hair-leggo" kinda busy day .

Now , I can swish my hair & it will fall back with such bounce hehee . My hair feels silky & the dark red colour which I requested for is indeed professional enough (only visible under the camera flash) . I am a truly satisfied customer ! *big smiles*

Quote "SYLVIA" for 20% off their original priced services ! I had a really enjoyable time at the salon , with the especially soothing ambience & polite staff & of course the most important factor being - the fantastic services provided ! YEY NAO I CAN HAZ CHIO HAIR . I'm sure you would too so do drop by to have your hair fixed or dolled up for any event !!! Thanks Rise !

Rise (nearest MRT: Telok Ayer)
Add: 12 Gemmil Lane S(069252)
IG @ RiseHair , Hashtags: #Risehairstudio #Risesalon